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Transformation to a modern kitchen

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is revealed as strategic part of your home. Its renovation is not to be taken lightly. Rather, it is necessary to the plan in order to minimize costs.

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We do not emphasize too much renovating a kitchen requires careful planning. Take time to draw different management scenarios according to functional and aesthetic criteria. Since cooking is as much a part of life than work, it is important that we feel comfortable while staying at his home for work.

To make your project a success, establish a realistic budget taking into account, where appropriate, replacement of appliances, plumbing and electricity, lighting and decorative finish.

And remember … we are confident in the work, you not only achieve great savings, but you’ll be more proud and happy to swap the deck against your carpenter’s apron chef.

The elements

The preparation

  • Set a budget for each item you want to renovate, cabinets to countertops to furniture, see the appliance.
  • Make sure to take the utmost care to your project because the slightest mistake could affect the budget that you set initially.
  • First, you must ensure that they follow a specific theme. This may be “warm colors,” “fruits and vegetables or you can focus on the traditional look or design your new kitchen. The important thing is that by defining a topic, you managed to bring your room.
  • Also, ask yourself the right questions: Would you turn your kitchen friendly place or otherwise functional? Have you noticed that the purchase of your racing needs to have storage space and more?

Construction and Renovation

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  • Then, it is essential that you inquire about the preparation of surfaces you want to renovate. This avoids wasting time, but especially the loss of money in the purchase of unsuitable products. Particularly as it is necessary to clean and dry each area before starting the renovation.
  • Also, remember to take all necessary measures, particularly regarding the knobs or handles, to be sure that what you buy in stores is well suited.
  • Then make sure you provide hardware for plugging holes for sanding or repainting. You have previously selected the colors of your kitchen to get the right tones of paint.

The disposition

Your kitchen has three strategic points: the cooking area, or do you cook up delicious dishes, wash area where food is cleaned and covered, and finally the storage area, where are stored all your products and utensils.

To move in a harmonious environment, make sure that these three areas are the closest possible, this will prevent the back-and-forth endless. Then there are two basic rules: we try at all costs to have the sink near an opening and there is the work plan between the sink and the cooking point, which is more convenient.

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If you attempt a major renovation so you can focus on the redevelopment of the area.

Place the oven and the fridge in a corner where it circulates rarely used because few first and second takes up space.

Thus favors the sink and cooking area by releasing readily than 70cm to avoid bumping the elements together.

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The height

Yes the height of the shelves should be determined by the size of those who use it.

For example, avoid placing too low an oven to use as you will hurt your back or avoid placing the shelves too high, because you end up you press it to grab an object.

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Finally the decoration

Add all the decorative elements that give a statement in your kitchen.

Flowers, vase, fruit basket, tablecloth, tables, curtains … the tone that suits your needs.

Whether an old kitchen renovation or a new part to develop. Contact us to discuss your project. The kitchen renovation is our business!!!

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