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Renovation is our business !

Bathroom renovation

Whether an old bathroom renovations or a new part to develop. Contact us to discuss your project. Renovating bathroom is our business!!!

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The bathroom, this intimate place where one comes face to face with oneself. A place to relax, one in which one prepares to face the world. Calm, serenity, comfort, welfare … we aspire to that. Why not take advantage of this arrangement to please you, to create a true living space in which to preen.

A renovation of bathroom starts with a good spatial distribution. The place is often reduced, each element must be artfully arranged. Opening a closet door does not block access to sink, the towel range should not put the integrity of your toes in danger, there must be a minimum of space out of the shower and wiping the mirrors are more useful to eye level as your knees …

The choice of bath

In terms of health for the renovation of bathroom perfect, we all live on a number misconceptions that limit our capacity for invention.

The choice of bathtubs is essential for a modern bathroom, separate tubs classic iron , acrylic baths are now made of concrete, stone dark beige or white Carrara marble, stainless, aluminum, copper, various woods, These baths are luxury items, comfort and usability for a bathroom and modern ideal.

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Choosing a shower

The shower stalls in the renovation of bathrooms have become veritable cocoons synonymous with comfort and well being, Hydro Massage, Color, steam room, tanning, and soon radio, television, all arguments undoubtedly multiply your passages in the shower.

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The choice of sink

Fine sinks, basins if unfurl in the renovation of bathrooms, the sinks are classics of resistance and monitor trends, plan on columns, they are available for all configurations, unlike a bowl fixed on a table, the sink is a separate toilet.

There are even models “gain up” to optimize the available space, corner sink, the levels of materials, if the ceramic is queen , other alternatives are available: corian, earthenware, porcelain, granite, brushed stainless same.

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